1. Purpose of the rules.- The operations connected with the general revision of records and correction of maps are undertaken either as a preliminary to settlement operation or as measure of administration.
  2. The rules and instruction hereunder lay down procedure for correction of maps for tracts where old maps have not become altogether out of date and are capable of use after correction. They are not intended for areas in which the maps can only be corrected by a completed professional survey.

                        They also prescribe the method for revision of records for both the areas where new maps have been prepared by correction of old ones or by fresh set.

                        Rules for resurvey are contained in the Survey Manual.





  1. In respect of an area where revision of maps either by correction or resurvey and revision of new records of rights is considered necessary the Collector shall send to the Director of Land Records herinafter called the Director a detailed report about the conditions of maps and recoreds by-

(a)     November 15 in case of area subject to fluvial action,

(b)     The date fixed by the Director in cases where he calls for such a report, and

(c)     August 15 in other cases.

The report shall be accompanied by the forms prescribed in Paragraphs 6,7,8,9 and 13.

NOTE. No forms II,III, IV and V need be prepared where the Collector has dispensed with the annual mnap correction in alluviai areas according to Exception to Paragraph 57 of the land Records Manual.

  1. Director of Land Records deputes an officer to guide preparation of the forecast report.- The Director may on receipt of the report under Rule 3 or on his own motion,arrange to depute to the district an Assistant Director of Land Records or an expericnced Assistant Record Officer to examine the proposals of the Collector or to give instructions for the collectionof material for report refarthing the condition of maps and records. The officer so deputed shall make inspections and specially scrutinize the area proposed for resurvey. He shall submit a report to the Director, Where in he will also suggest the order in which the Pargansa of the district should be taken up for revision of maps and records.






  1. Rules made under Section 234(d) of the  U.P. Land Revenue Act. 1901  as amended by Act of 1951 for areas where Zamindari Abolition and

                                                Land Reforms Act I of 1951 is applicablc.





  1. Collector undertakes the enquiry.- The Collector shall put each Sub-Divisional Officer in charge of the  work of preparation of the report in respect of his sub-division. The Sadar Kanungo shall, under the supervision of the Sub-Divisional Officer, supervise the work of the Supervisor Kanungos.
  2. Form I.- Each Supervisor- Kanungo will porepare in accordance with Rule 8 in form I a list of villages or portions off villages in which, for any reason, a complete of partial resurvey will be needed.
  3. All such fields, which have changed their shape since the last revision of records will be divided into theree lists in Forms II.III and IV as follows :

Form II.- (a) Form II will contain such four cornered regula fields, which have been divied up into two portions each of which is a quadrilaterial.

Form III.- (b) Form III will contain those fields which have been formed by the union of two or more complete fields, and are otherwise unchanged since the last revision of maps.

Form IV.- © Form IV will contain all other fields, which have been formed form portions of old plots or have changed their shape since the last revision of maps.

  1. If the fields entered in Forms II,III and IV, form more than 50 per cent of the total number of fields in any village, the Supervisor-Kanungo will consider the advisibility of placing that village into the list in Form I. If from his personal knowledge the Superviso-Kanungo considers that the map of a particular village,which does not fulfilk the conditions of Form I, cannot be properly corrected without complete resurveys, he should propose it for resurvey.

                        In cases falling under this rule the Supervisor-Kanungo will inspect the village and submit his report giving reasons for the orders of the Sub-divisional Officer.

  1. Form V.- From the losts in Forms I,II, III and IV will be prepared an a bstract for the  tahsil in Form, V, which will be one of the enclosures with the Collector is report under rule 3.
  2.  Immediuately after the reccip of the order from the Director of Land Records under Rule 3, the Coector will issue an order to the Lekhpals calling upon them to report all the omissions and mistakes in their records including all undecided mutations and doubtful entries in the khatauni, howsoever old, by a date to be fixed by Collector, announcing exemption from punishment for past negligence and warning them at the same time that in case of such omissions and mistakes coming to light afterwards, they would be deait with severely. The Supervisor-Kanungos will be made responsible to see that the lekhpals do report about the omissions and mistakes in their papers. Prompt action will be taken on these report and entrie corrected by December next at the latest.
  3. The Supervisor-Kanungo will also examine carfully the condition of the records in his circle and submit a consolidated report describing the extent and nature of mistakes in them.
  4. The Sada Kanungo in the shole district and Sub-Divisional Officers in their respective sub-divisions,will each check 10 per cent of the villages in the list in Form I and 5 per cent the remaining ones in the circle of every Supervisor-Kanungo. They will be held responsible for the compoleteness and  accuracy of the action taken under Rules 6 to II,