[U.P. Act No. 30 of 1951]

An Act for abolition of the custom of Zare Chahrum Whereas it is expedient to provide for the oblation of the custom of Zare Chaharum. It is hereby enacted as follows :
1. Short title, extent and commencement.— (1) This Act may be ealled the U.P. Abolition of Zare Chaharum Act, 1951.
(2) It extends to the whole of Uttar Pradesh.
(3) It shall come into force at once.
2. Definition.— In this Act unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context.-
(a) “Zare Chaharum” means the right by whatever name known and whether based on custom or contract , of the landlord to receive a share or portion of the    purchase price upon the sale of house or building.
Explanation I,- “Sale” includes foreclosure or sale in execution of a decree.
Explanation II.- “ Landlord” means the zaminadar or proprietor of the land occupied by house or other building.
(b) Rent includes Ghardwari and parjoti.
3. Abolition of the custom of Zare Chaharum.—It is hereby declared that notwithstanding anything in any Wajib- ul–arz agreement, judgment decree or order of court or any other document , the custom of Zare Chaharum shall be and is hereby abolished with effect from the 25th day of August, 1951.
9. Penalty..—Whoever shall receive and amount on account of Zare Chaharum in respect of a sale made on or after the 25th day of August, 1951 shall be punishable with fine which may extend to twice the amount so levied or received and out of the fine realized the court may direct that such portion not exceeding the amount paid by the seller or purchaser shall be refunded to the seller or the purchaser, as the case may be.