U.P. Foodfrains (Restrictions on Border
Movement) Order, 1971

    In exercise of the powers conferred by Sub- rule (2) of Rule 114 , of the Derence of India Rules 1971, the Central Government hereby makes the following Order, namely .
1. Short title , extent and commencement .- (1) This Order may be called the Uttar Pradesh Foodgrains (Restrictions on Border Movement) Order, 1971.
(2) It extends to the whole of the State of Uttar Pradesh.
(3) It shall come into force at once.
2 Definitions.- In this Order unless the context otherwise requires.-
(a) border area’ means the area within a five miles belt within the State of Uttar Pradesh all along its border
(b) ‘Foodgrains’ means any of the foodgrains specified in the Schedule annexed to this Order,
(c) State Government means the Government of the State of Uttar Pradesh.
3. Restrictions on the movement of foodgrains to, from or within the border area.- No person shall transport attempt to transport or abet the transport foodgrains –
(a) to any place in the border area from any place outside that area, or
(b) from any place in the border area to any other place in that area except under and in accordance with a permit issued by the State Government or any Officer authorized by that Government in this behalf Provided that nothing contained herein shall apply to the transport of foodgrains.-
(i) on Government account; or
(ii) under and in accordance with Military Credit Notes ; or
(iii) within the same town or village in the border area: or
(iv) from a village in the border area to the nearest grain market (mandi) in the State of Uttar Pradesh Whether such market (mandi) is within or outside the border area ; or
(v) not exceeding two quintals of paddy or one quintal of rice, in weight at one time by bonafide resident of the border area for domestic consumption ; or
(vi) not exceeding five kilograms in weigh in the aggregate a bonafide traveler as part of his luggage; or
(vii) to Choharpur market in Dehra Dun district or to Ballia district from place outside the border area for purpose of sale; or
(viii) being gift rice received under the Indo- US Agreement on Relief Supplies, 1968 or
(ix) from one part of Nepal to another through the interlaying territory of Uttar Pradesh
(x) by or on behalf of the Food Corporation of India established under Section 3 of the Food Corporation Act, 1964 (37 of 1964).
4. Powers of entry search inspection and seizure.- Any police officer no below the rank of head constable, or any other person authorised in this behalf by the State Government may with a view to securing compliance with this Order or to satisfying himself that this Order has been complied with-
(a) stop, search and inspect or authorise any person to stop, search and inspect , any person, boat, motor or any vehicle used or capable of being used for the transport of foodgrains;
(b) enter, search and inspect or authorise any person to enter search and inspect any place;
(c) seize or authorise the seizure of any article in respect of which he has reason to believe that a contravention of this Order has been is being or is about or is likely to be committed.
5. Forfeiture.- Any Court, trying contravention of this Order may without prejudice to any other sentence which it may pass direct that any stock of foodgrains in respect of which the Court is satisfied that this Order ahs been contravened including any packages, covering or receptacles in which such foodgrains are found any animal vehicle, vessel or other conveyance used in carrying such foodgrains shall be forfeited to Government.
6. Effect of this Order.- The provisions of this Order are in addition to and not in derogation of the provision of the Uttar Pradesh Foodgrain (Movement Control) Order, 1971.

Rice, paddy and their products excluding rice bran and husk