 Cray It is a super computer which has been named fastest in the world.

 Aung San Sui Kyi Myanmar  democratic leader who visited India to deliver Jawahar Lal Nehru

Memorial lecture Nov 2012. She took her college education in Lady Shri Ram

College New Delhi & also at Shimla .

1- Myanmar is a strategic partner of India especially to counter terrorism in North

Eastern States.

2- Myanmar is also strategic to counter China from security point of view since it

blocks China geographically.

 India has very good relations with military leader of Myanmar since it has

helped India in countering terrorism in N-E States. Now Aung San Sui Kyi has

won in recent elections in Myanmar. India will have to reconcile her relations

with Myanmar under Aung San Sui Kyi.

1- India will have to take benefit of Aung San Sui Kyi relations with India and her

college day’s friends.

2- India will have to help Myanmar extraordinarily to fight poverty and


3- Chinese businessmen have captured property of local people of Myanmar. Local

people of Myanmar want themselves to be free from Chinese businessmen. Here

India has a big opportunity to exploit the sentiment against China.

4- Help Myanmar in exploiting water resources for energy.

According to her, environmental pollution is not only an economical,

developmental or ecological issue but is also an social, political and

demographic issues.

Q- Map the bordering states of India with that of Myanmar from North to South.

Q- Name the rivers and water bodies of Myanmar.

 Petroleum According to IEA US will become no.1 production state in petroleum by 2020.It

will overtake Saudi Arabia.

Q- Name the countries having largest reserves of petroleum, natural gas and



Q- Name the largest commercial producers of petroleum, natural gas and


Recognition of Syrian opposition parties. In a significant development in Syrian political turmoil the international

community  has started recognizing the pro democracy opposition groups of

Syria against the king.

1- Six nations GCC-Gulf Co-operation Council.

2- Arab League.

3- France

4- Germany

 Facts to remember (Nov-2012)

1- United Nations to vote for nation status to Palestine on 29-11-2012.

2- Japan has registered negative growth of 3.85.Japan is also going in economic

crisis. What is its impact on international economy and Indian economy?

3- US and Germany got entry into UN human rights council.

4- Pinky failed in gender test. She has won gold medal in Asian games.

5- EU ready to cut Carbon tax on plane emission.

 Most important TV programmes for civil students

1- War and peace program on security every Sunday 12:30 pm DD News.

2- News and current affairs (Rajya Sabha) 8 to 10 pm and 10 pm to 12 am.

3- Paricharcha- DD News.

 Religion and lifeDr. Savita died in Ireland due to non attendance by doctors. Dr. Savita was not

treated with medical abortion by Irish Doctors on the pretext that Catholic laws

of the country forbid abortion.

This is nothing but a medical murder. No law forbids abortion if it is to be done

to save the life of mother and where the life of child in womb can’t be saved.

There international protest including the people of Ireland to change this law

even if exists.

In the present context the law has been misinterpreted by the doctors and is

nothing but a medical negligence. Moreover Dr. Savita is a Hindu.

 Fiscal deficit Situation in India What is the present fiscal deficit of India? What target has  been set for year

2014? What steps need to be taken & what steps have been taken? What is the role of subsidy, non plan expenditure, revenue expenditure, tax & disinvestment

in fiscal deficit?

 Banking growth

         Government has taken significant steps in facilitating growth in banking


1- Fresh funds will be infused in PSU Banks.

2- 63200 new jobs will be generated to fulfill manpower shortage in banking


 Change of guard  and new leadership in China –2012

There is political transition in China. Xi Jinping is the new General Secretary of

communist party of China. The no in the top leadership committee communist

party of China has been reduced from 9 to 7.

this change and coming of the new generation following issues  are of

relevance for China, rest of the world & India.

1- Will there be continuation of old ideology or there will be change in Chinese


2- Will  there be  political reforms in China & will China move towards western

model of democracy & multi party democracy.

3- Will China move towards market economy?

4- What will be Chinese foreign policy?


Analysis has to be done in the background that China has emerged as a power, it

is no more an emerging power. Hence it is expected that they will try to

reconcile with world but more or less they will maintain continuity of policy at

least for two years including India.

Sovereignty and integrity will be in center for their security & foreign policy but

now they will also include developmental issues in dealing with other nations.

1- It is expected that more or less China will continue with the old ideology at least

in the near future.

2- China will follow Grassroots Democracy & there is very dim chance of moving

towards multi party democracy.

3- But it is also true that Chinese change, that is why they survive. Despite being

communist they adopted market economy but social market economy.

Now non party members are also becoming ministers. Earlier no non party

member could hold any high post in the Chinese government.  Corporate

persons are being incorporated in the central leadership.For the first time  there is acceptance in China that there is corruption in their

system & they want to resolve it.

New leadership of China and India

1- It is expected that there will be continuity of policy.

2- Border dispute settlement mechanism will be made more effective Annual

dialogue with India may be introduced and dialogue structure to be


3- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had made it clear that China must shed its

protectionist policy & must open for India.

 Rule 193 and rule 184 in Parliamentary voting wrt tabling of CAG report in parliament-

 Protection of children against sexually offences rules -2012

The government has announced another set of laws for protection of child abuse.

The main features are –

1- The rules will provide speedy justice and adequate compensation to the affected


2- The rules casts duty on state governments to provide medical facility and

rehabilitation to the victim.

3- State government will have to establish special courts & give relief to the victim

child within 30 days.

4- The court will have powers to give interim relief.

5- It will protect children of less than 18 years but it is not clear who will be the

offender if both are less than 18 years.

6- No legal formalities and papers or evidences are required from child.

7- If sexual offences happen in home then child can be taken from parents and will

be sent to protection homes.

Q- Mention the special provision in Constitution wrt child & youth of less than

18 years.

Q- Mention the main features of Child Labour  Act, National Commission for

Child, Juvenile Justice Act and Article 23 & 24.

 Compare election system of India, US & China.

 US Elections 2012Q- What were the issues in US election 2012?

Q- What was the view of the two Presidential candidates wrt the following -

1- Outsourcing

2- Immigration laws

3- Debt issue of America-should we impose more tax or we should reduce


4- Protectionism

5- Withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan

6- Kashmir issue

7- Nuclear issue

Q- Which President would have been better for India?

Q- Name the Vice-President candidate of both the parties.

Q- What are the issues and challenges before Obama wrt

1- Domestic policies of US.

2- Foreign policies of US.

3- Relation with India.




English Learning Module

A English learning module is being launched to teach the students & make English

user friendly. For this two tests will be organized by institute, on second & fourth

Saturday every month. It is compulsory for all the students of Global IAS.

For these tests- hints, content & study material will be available on the website, 15

days in advance on the preceding Monday. The students are required to take this

learning module & tests very seriously.

They must discuss the words & content among themselves, consult dictionary & ask

the teachers. A student scoring less than 50% marks in any test or is absent for

what so reason will be debarred from taking the classes in the institute for one


Study Material & Content English Test No- 1

Q- What is the meaning of the following words -

Artistic, Prologue, Illegible, Defeat, Fauna, Archaic, Monologue, Impossible, Spy,

Flora, Ancient, dialogue, Incorrigible, Invade, Nursery, Modern, Speech,

Invulnerable, Overcome, Forest.

Q- Try to understand the passage. Animal do not know worry. What bird could raise a family if it worried about the

problems to be overcome, the impossible number of feeding trips in a day to keep

those clamouring mouths stilled with food? That is not the way birds or animals

respond to life. Nature says “Feed them!” and the mother bird goes ahead and does

it. Between dawn & sunset a tiny wren must make hundred of such round trips to

feed her brood. An animal doesn’t know what brotherhood means, but when it hears the call “help!”

it answers instinctively. If a prairie dog is shot, the other in the prairie dog village

come tumbling out, not worried about gunfire and pull their wounded fellow

underground. Big same hunters have seen elephants, disregarding danger, lift a

wounded elephant to his feet with their tusks and by supporting him with one

member of the herd on each side, help him walk to the forest depths. 

Q- Spell it correctly Substantial, Accommodate, Exaggerate, Alliance, Labyrinthine.

Q- Write the word opposite in meaningCommence, Endeavours, Motive, Flimsy, Mingle.

Q- Write the word same in meaning-

  Reverence, Quieten, Impulsive, Refinement, Belated.

Q- Write one sentence on each Fell flat, He got the better of me, Look through, Taking you for a ride, Far cry.

   December 2012

 Why are the following in news Ricky Ponting, Section 66 A of IT Act, I. K.Gujral, Gujral Doctrine  (The

Hindu 1


Dec 2012 page  no 7), KG-6 Basin, Money Laundering Bill, Land

Acquisition Bill, Cash Transfer Scheme, Financial inclusion, Zee Journalists,

Adhar, Menon Visit to China (The Hindu 3


Dec 2012 page 1), GDP

Growth of India in Second Quarter- Jul, Sep 2012(The Hindu 1


Dec 2012

page 16), Arcelor Mittal & French Agreement, Child Abuse in Norway by

Indian Couple, Protection of Eve Teasing & Directions of Supreme Court,

National Investment Board (2


Dec 2012 page no 5), Cauvery Water Dispute



Dec 2012 The Hindu page no 9), FDI (2


Dec 2012 The Hindu page

no 10), Copper Mine Issue in Myanmar- The Hindu 2


Dec 2012 page no 12, NPPP- National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy (The Hindu 2


Dec 2012

page no 13), Sachin Dev Pavithran, Bala Hisar Fort (3


Dec 2012 page no

1), Ushenina,

 Discuss the issues wrt Migration to UK.

 Discuss China transition for India (3


Dec 2012 The Hindu page no 8).

 Discuss the genesis of Arab-Israel conflict.

In this respect what is the significance of following 29 Nov 1947, 1967 War,

Two State Theory, Camp David  -1, Camp David-2, Israel-Egypt Peace

Agreement, Shremel Sheikh, Gaza Patti, Golan Heights, West Bank, River

Jordan, East Jerusalem, Hamas, Oslo Agreement, Nobel Prize to Yasir Arafat

& Yatzik Rabin, PLA, PLO, UNESCO, Observer Status to Palestine by UN

on 29 Nov 2012 (The Hindu-29 Nov 2012 page no 13).

 What is the impact of UN giving observer State status to Palestine? (The

Hindu 1


Dec 2012 page no 1,6 & 15)

         Show the above places on Map- The Hindu 2


Dec 2012 page no 12.

 What do you mean by Recognition in International Law? What is the effect of

Recognition & Non-Recognition? Discuss the policy on Recognition specially

wrt Palestine & Israel. 

 What is ITU? Discuss UN & Internet (3


Dec The Hindu page no 14 ).

 Discuss the constitutionality of Section 66 A IT Act.

 Foreign Direct Investment

What is Foreign Direct Investment & how it is different from portfolio

investment? Which type of investment is better for India? What was the cause

of Argentina, Mexico & Indonesian economic crisis in last decade of 20



In how many ways foreign investment can be done in India? In this context

what is significance of FIPB & RBI automatic root?

What is the latest controversy with regard to FDI in India? In this context

explain FDI retail marketing.

What is PFRDA & Mutual Fund?

What is the nature & difference in investment in mutual fund, investment in

insurance & investment in pension, what are latest schemes in this regard?

FDI in retail & Indian Agriculture.

 Explain the following

FII, Money Laundering, FRBM, TRAI, IRDA, P-notes, Currency of China,

Bratton Woods’ in Hawala, Hundi, IRRI, NALCO.

 Discuss the main features of RTI Act 2012. What amendments government is


 Mention the various investigating agencies of the country. What type

autonomy they need for effective functioning? Explain about CBI, CID, NIA,

RAW, IB, CVC, CAG, parliamentary Committee.

 Foreign policy relation with Myanmar

Answer- The Hindu News paper, 21


Nov 2012 page no 8, Editorial article

(bottom left)- Title- Dances With Myanmar.

The agriculture research center & Bio Park that India is planning to set up in

Myanmar will go a long way in revitalizing its paddy farming.

 Caste system in India

What are the main features of Indian caste system? What is its origin? What

changes it has seen the last hundred years? Discuss various processes of social

change in India. In this respect explain & differentiate Sanskritization,

Westernization & Modernization.

What is untouchability? Discuss temple-entry, Vaikom Satyagrah &

Guruvayur Satyagrah, Protection of Political & Civil Right Acts 1955, SC/ST

prevention of Atrocities Acts. Scavenging at 1993.What is the new bill of removal of scavenging in the country- The Hindu

Page no 8- 21


Nov, 2012.

 Indira Gandhi prise for peace, disarmament & development Nov 2012-

Former President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, popularity known

as “Lula”.

 Why are the following in news

GOMA, GAAR, Adalat Ghat, Rohingya (Bangladesh & Myanmar), FTA &

ASEAN, Hamilton, IFFI, Life of Pi, The Reluctant Fundamentalist,  Godawari

Krishna Reserve, Lahore chowk, K.C Panth, 2 G Auction.

 The book on Yuvraj Singh (“Yuvi”) - Written by Makarand Waingankar

published by Harper Sport.

 RBI revises definition of infra lending

The RBI revised the definition of infrastructure of lending, which would

make sectors & sub-sectors eligible for infrastructure lending by banks &

financial institutions with immediate effect.

The exposure of banks to projects under sub-sectors which were included

under the RBI’s previous definition of infrastructure- as per the circular of

Nov 30, 2007, but not included under the revised definition, will continue to

get the benefits under ‘infrastructure lending’ till the completion of the


 FIPB clears IKEA’s Rs. 10,500- Crore proposal- The largest FDI in

single brand retail so far

The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) cleared Swedish furniture

major IKEA’s 10,500- crore project, the largest FDI in single brand retail so


The FIPB approved the proposal of IKEA, Economic Affair Secretary Arvind

Mayaram said after the board meeting here. The IKEA Group which

manufactures & sells home & office furnishing products, proposes to invest in single-brand retail trading in India through a 100 % subsidiary. IKEA’s

proposal to set up 25 stores in India has already been scrutinized by the

Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) in the Commerce &

Industry Ministry.

 FTA & ASEAN- Page no 11 The Hindu 20


Nov, 2012 & page no 11 The

Hindu 19


Nov, 2012.

 Discuss the so called right of Israel to attack Gaza on grounds of right of

self-defense (article 51 of UN charter). Compare right of India to defend

Kashmir on grounds of right of self-defense. What is right of selfdetermination? Does it apply to people of Kashmir & people of Palestine?

 Indo US relations- (page no 9 The Hindu 19 Nov, 2012). 

 Industrial development is needed for UP Discuss various aspects (page no

3, 17 Nov, 2012).

 Discuss the Visa issue of Indian students in UK.